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Special Feature: Cooking on a Budget

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Looking to save on food costs … but you still want to eat well?  The City Cook can help with advice, recipes, tips for setting up a basic kitchen, and smart places to buy ingredients.


How To Equip A City Kitchen
Jennifer Baron, owner of A Cook's Companion in Brooklyn Heights, gives tips for the best equipment for an urban kitchen.
How To Work With Your Fish Monger
The first in our series of audio interviews is with Dorian Mecir of Dorian's Seafood Market. Here are her tips and advice for buying fresh seafood.
Budget City Cooking
Tips for cooking and eating well for less money.
Making Salads
All that chopping is worth the trouble.  Consider making salads that feature a single ingredient and you may be surprised how satisfying they can be.
Cooking Skirt and Hanger Steaks
Skirt and hanger steaks are sometimes overlooked by city cooks because they're often put into the grilling category by food magazines and cookbooks. In fact they are inexpensive, have lots of flavor, and cook quickly on top of the stove.
Shopping in Chinatown: Fish
Manhattan's Chinatown is a great resource for many ingredients, especially fish. Here are some tips for shopping in this lively, often chaotic marketplace.
Little Things. Big Differences.
Why you should never refrigerate tomatoes, and other helpful cooking tips.
Frozen in the Summertime
Not all frozen foods are hold-overs from the sixties. A few are even better than their fresh counterparts.
A City Slice, Cooked At Home
Making your own pizza is easy, fun and delicious -- it even can be healthy -- and you don't need a coal-fired oven in your city kitchen.
What's Fabulous: Rotisserie Chickens
A pre-roasted whole chicken can be a city cook's secret weapon.
Kitchen Essentials
The Essential Kitchen: Slow Cookers
An introduction to buying and cooking with a slow cooker.
The Essential Kitchen: Pots and Pans I
Retailers like Williams-Sonoma and offer us thousands of tools, pans and gadgets. But what does a cook really need to make most meals? Less than you'd think.
The Essential Kitchen Tools: Knives Part I - The Basics
There are dozens of different types of kitchen knives and the typical knife block has spaces for 8 or more. But what does a home cook really need to get the job done? To start with, buy fewer but buy better ones. Here are the essential three.
Cast Iron Grill Pans
A cast iron grill pan cooks fish, meat and vegetables using little to no fat.  Who needs an outdoor grill?
Crispy Chickpeas
An easy and healthy snack, cooked in olive oil and very tasty.
Sliced pickled jalapeños and cumin add extra flavor.
Cream of Carrot and Lemon Soup
With a bright, rich flavor -- and no cream -- plus a beautiful orange color, this is probably my favorite soup.
Making and Using Teriyaki Sauce
This easy sauce can become a glaze to transform chicken, steak or seafood into a less ordinary meal.
Teriyaki Ginger Chicken
Easy oven-roasted chicken with an Asian-inspired marinade that becomes a glaze.
Sautéed Panko-Crusted Turkey Cutlets
Crispy and quick, this makes a great weekday dinner. Serve with tomato sauce or on a bed of arugula.
Rotisserie Chicken Salad
A recipe from a city cook in New Orleans where folks know about the need for cool summer cooking.
Popular in Lebanese and Syrian cuisines, this chopped salad makes great use of late summer vegetables and day-old pita bread.
Black Bean, Mango and Avocado Salad
A classic combination of sweet mango, black beans, tangy lime juice and some jalapeno heat.
Pizza Dough
A simple and classic yeast pizza dough that includes some whole wheat flour. Makes enough for two 10-inch pizzas, or use half the dough for home-made pretzels.
Marinated Flank Steak With Arugula Salad
Flank steak becomes tender when marinated and then sliced on the bias. This one is broiled and served on a lemony arugula salad.
A cracked wheat, parsley and chopped vegetable salad. Big flavor and very satisfying.
Cook Once, Eat Twice: Chicken Stock and Chicken Salad
A New York city cook shares her recipe for turning a chicken into a summer chicken salad for dinner and a freezer full of organic chicken stock.
Baked Pasta With Shrimp, Tomatoes and Feta
An easy weekday dinner that's a variation on the classic Greek baked orzo.
Applesauce For Grownups
Complex, sweet and best when made with in-season apples.

The granddaddy of New York City supermarkets. Huge selection, great prices, and oh, those crowds....

Sea Breeze Fish Market
A huge selection, impeccable quality, and great prices at this long-time seafood market located in the Ninth Avenue food neighborhood.
Esposito, Giovanni & Sons

Third generation full-service butcher in the Hell's Kitchen food neighborhood. Great prices and excellent quality, especially for pork.

Big Apple Meat Market

Everything sold here is big. And cheap. Located in Manhattan's Ninth Avenue food neighborhood.

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