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What's In Season: Cranberries - 11/22/2014
They're for more than just sauce with your holiday turkey.

Capon 101 - 11/22/2014
Larger than a regular chicken and smaller than a turkey. A holiday alternative for city kitchens.

Spaghettini Cooked in Chicken Stock With Broccolini - 11/06/2014
From The Kitchen Ecosystem, by Eugenia Bone.

Grape Custard Tart - 11/06/2014
From The Kitchen Ecosystem, by Eugenia Bone.

Chorizo and Sweet Potato Mash - 11/06/2014
From Eat, by Nigel Slater, a satisfying weeknight supper dish.

Mackerel With Bulgur and Tomato - 11/06/2014
From Eat, by Nigel Slater. Broiled fish and tomatoes turn into a quick and favorite supper.

Oat Berry Pilaf With Walnuts and Gorgonzola - 11/06/2014
From America's Test Kitchen's The New Family Cookbook.

Mexican Wedding Cookies - 11/06/2014
From The New Family Cookbook, by the editors of America's Test Kitchen.

New Fall Cookbooks - 11/06/2014
New this fall, four highly different cookbooks, each worth a look.

What's Fabulous: Busatti Kitchen Towels - 10/15/2014
Made in Tuscany since 1842. Exquisite and sturdy.

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