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Ordering Holiday Pies and Desserts - 10/15/2014
Order early for ordering holiday pies and desserts from New York's best bakeries.

What's Fabulous: Busatti Kitchen Towels - 10/15/2014
Made in Tuscany since 1842. Exquisite and sturdy.

Salsa Verde - 10/02/2014
A versatile and vibrantly flavored sauce, perfect for fish or vegetables.

Sour Cream Sauce With Cucumber and Dill - 10/02/2014
Vibrant flavor and creamy texture makes this sauce a perfect match to poached fish, shrimp or crabmeat.

Sauce Choron - 10/02/2014
A luscious classic French sauce made by adding a dice of reduced tomatoes to a tarragon-tinged Béarnaise. 

Mirepoix 8.1 - 10/02/2014
Mirepoix -- From the French, a mix of aromatics that provide the savory foundation of a recipe. From The City Cook, a periodic report on things that have been collecting on my desk.

Pan Grilled Lamb Chops with Harissa - 09/23/2014
This is an easy and fast way to add a little heat and lots of flavor to plain stove-top lamb chops.

Toasted Barley-Onion Pilaf - 09/22/2014
A great make-ahead side dish that is wonderful with lamb or poultry.  But it's not quick to make: like some grains, it takes about an hour to cook.

Pan Grilled Tuna - 09/22/2014
How to give a simple sear to fresh tuna steaks.

What's In Season: Apples - 09/22/2014
One of autumn's best temptations. To cook sweet or savory, or to just eat out of hand.

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