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Mirepoix 8.0 - 07/03/2014
Mirepoix -- From the French, a mix of aromatics that provide the savory foundation of a recipe. From The City Cook, a periodic report on things that have been collecting on my desk.

Rhubarb Compote - 07/02/2014
Simple rhubarb jam that adds a sweet tang to ice cream or yogurt.

Mustard-Shallot Vinaigrette - 07/02/2014
A vibrant and versatile dressing for summer salads or steamed vegetables, especially potatoes.

What's In Season: Sweet Cherries - 06/25/2014
The smallest stone fruit, cherries are one of the best eating parts of summer.

Cooking On Holiday - 06/05/2014
Tips for cooking in a foreign country and a foreign kitchen.

Fried Green Olives - 05/13/2014
A simple hors d'oeuvre that can be prepped ahead of time and cooked at the last minute for a hot, salty, tasty pairing for a cocktail.

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