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Category "Fruits & Vegetables"
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A SoHo food emporium.  Crazy expensive.  And a shadow of its former self.

Neighborhoods: SoHo, Upper East Side
A tasty and chewy vegan burger from The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook by The Editors at America's Test Kitchen.
From The Silver Spoon's beautiful new Puglia, an easy and full-flavored dish that works year-round but is particularly wonderful in the summer months.
These tangy stalks can be sweet in a pie or savory in a chutney.
Small lettuce hearts that beg the question: can food be both delicious and adorable?

The granddaddy of New York City supermarkets. Huge selection, great prices, and oh, those crowds....

A large, busy, high quality produce store in the Chelsea Market. Conventional and organic fruits and vegetables plus a small but well chosen selection of grocery items. Great prices.

Merchant Types: Organic, Produce
Neighborhood: Chelsea
How to Buy an Onion - 04/01/2015
How to buy, handle and store onions. It's more complicated than you might think.
Asparagus is the first vegetable declaration that spring has arrived.
Pineapple 101 - 02/21/2015
Once rare and exotic, pineapple is easy to buy and has a long, sweet season.
Pavlova - 01/27/2015
Part of a Saturday night dinner in Brooklyn: The dessert.
Part of a Saturday night dinner in Brooklyn, along with seared scallops with lime and cilantro butter, Greenmarket fried rice, and Pavlova.
Part of a Saturday night dinner in Brooklyn: The side dish.
Baked Apples - 01/10/2015
A simple baked apple is scented and flavored with a crumbed filling of cinnamon, sugar and butter.
The beets can be cooked in advance and then combined into a salad just before serving.
An easy salad that can stand on its own or be served alongside other single-ingredient salads.
They're for more than just sauce with your holiday turkey.
Grape Custard Tart - 11/06/2014
From The Kitchen Ecosystem, by Eugenia Bone.

Full-service market with good, if pricey, selections in produce, grocery items, meat and fish, cheese, bread and bakery.

Merchant Type: Market & Grocery
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
Figs 101 - 09/22/2014
A favorite, fragile late summer and autumn fruit. Eaten raw or cooked.
One of autumn's best temptations. To cook sweet or savory, or to just eat out of hand.
Sweet and versatile little red peppers from Spain.
Naples Tomato Salad - 08/04/2014
A crunchy salad made with summer tomatoes.
Rhubarb Compote - 07/02/2014
Simple rhubarb jam that adds a sweet tang to ice cream or yogurt.
The smallest stone fruit, cherries are one of the best eating parts of summer.

New York City has more than 50 Greenmarkets. Lucky us.

Merchant Types: Organic, Produce, Specialty
From My Paris Kitchen, by David Lebovitz.
Ramps have started to arrive in our Greenmarkets and better produce stores, a sure sign that spring is here.
A simple salad with big flavor that can be made year-round.
Cooked in the microwave. Easy, healthy, and so much better than takeout.
A satisfying salad that makes a perfect match between winter's grapefruit and the year-round avocado.
Hummus Mashaushe - 01/27/2014
A version of hummus from the Galilee, Israel's breadbasket.
Red Lentil Soup - 12/05/2013
From Moosewood Restaurant Favorites.  By The Moosewood Collective.
Adapted from Canal House, a seasonal vegetable dish fitting for a holiday meal (it's great with poultry) or a Sunday dinner.
Enjoy tender spinach, Swiss chard, kale and other healthy and full-flavored leafy greens.
Mushrooms 101 - 09/25/2013
There are more than 300 kinds of cultivated mushrooms and hundreds more that are wild. Here are the basics for cooking these savory edibles.
Roasted Red Grapes - 09/04/2013
Intensely flavored and a match for sweet or savory dishes.
Sweet, refreshing and both an ingredient and a snack.
Intensely flavored, fragile, and a partner to so many other tastes, both sweet and savory.
Make the most of acutely fresh and bountiful summer watermelon and local tomatoes. The combo of sweet and acid is a perfect balance.
A main course salad that's perfect for a hot summer supper.

Full-service market with good selections in produce, cheese, bread and bakery, meats and grocery items.

Merchant Type: Market & Grocery
A tangy summer herb that adds big flavor to salads and soups.
Mushy Peas - 06/06/2013
An update on the English classic made with in-season fresh peas or year-round frozen ones.
Crispy slices of paprika-tinged chorizo transform simple green beans into a spicy side dish.

A sweet and sour dressing turns sliced seedless cucumbers into a perfect side for fish or other main courses.
Crunchy and garlicky. From a recipe by Prune's Gabrielle Hamilton.
From Fix-It and Forget-It Diabetic Cookbook, by Phyllis Pellman Good and the American Diabetic Association.
Céleri Rémoulade - 03/04/2013
Thin julienned pieces of celery root are coated with a piquant mustard mayonnaise dressing.
Canned tomatoes grown in lava-enriched soil in southern Italy that are better than most fresh.
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