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Category "Meat & Poultry"
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Turn a skirt steak into pinwheels of flavor that look as good as they taste.
Super-sized rigatoni. Perfect for pesto or to stuff and bake.

A SoHo food emporium.  Crazy expensive.  And a shadow of its former self.

Neighborhoods: SoHo, Upper East Side
From Ciao Italia, a simple and flavorful weeknight supper dish.
Easy weekday chicken rubbed with scallions, spice and heat.

The granddaddy of New York City supermarkets. Huge selection, great prices, and oh, those crowds....

Italian butcher in SoHo that sells prime meats, poultry, game, and excellent store-made sausage.

Merchant Type: Butcher
Neighborhood: SoHo
Peanut Chicken Stew - 04/15/2015
From Soul Food Love, Healthy Recipes Inspired by One Hundred Years of Cooking in a Black Family.  By Alice Randall and Caroline Randall Williams.

Top quality butcher with prime meats and poultry.

Merchant Types: Butcher, Game, Kosher, Organic
Neighborhood: Upper West Side
How to corn your own brisket of beef. No cabbage required.
Adapted from Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa at Home, three ingredients deliver big flavor.
Boned leg of lamb is roasted on a bed of artichoke hearts and little potatoes, with a lemon kick.
Slow cooked on top of the stove in a flavorful tomato-based sauce.
Dan DiLeo of DiPaola Turkeys gives us a reminder about what's important to know when you buy and cook your Thanksgiving turkey.
Capon 101 - 11/22/2014
Larger than a regular chicken and smaller than a turkey. A holiday alternative for city kitchens.

Full-service market with good, if pricey, selections in produce, grocery items, meat and fish, cheese, bread and bakery.

Merchant Type: Market & Grocery
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
This is an easy and fast way to add a little heat and lots of flavor to plain stove-top lamb chops.

New York City has more than 50 Greenmarkets. Lucky us.

Merchant Types: Organic, Produce, Specialty
From My Paris Kitchen, by David Lebovitz.
Chinese BBQ Pork - 04/08/2014
One of my all-time favorites, from America's Test Kitchen.
With a vibrant tomato sauce, made in a slow cooker or on your stovetop.
Crispy and quick, this makes a great weekday dinner. Serve with tomato sauce or on a bed of arugula.

New Jersey turkey farmers who have been producing domestic white turkeys since 1948.  Sold at NYC Greenmarkets.

Lemon, artichokes and potatoes combine with roasted chicken in a dish that's a breeze to make but special enough for company.
Lamb chops in the Calabrian style, with tomatoes and olives.

A superb butcher located in Astoria selling gorgeous beef, veal, pork and game.

Merchant Types: Butcher, Game
Neighborhood: Astoria

A Middle Eastern grocery and halal butcher in Little Egypt.

Neighborhoods: Astoria, Little Egypt

A full-service halal butcher shop in Queen's Little Egypt.

Merchant Type: Butcher
Neighborhoods: Astoria, Little Egypt

A superb Italian grocer in Astoria.  Since 1979.

Neighborhood: Astoria

Eastern European meat market in Astoria.  Outstanding.

Neighborhood: Astoria

A large grocery store with foods from around the world.

Merchant Type: Market & Grocery
Neighborhood: Astoria

An Egyptian grocer and halal butcher shop.

Merchant Types: Butcher, Halal, Market & Grocery
Neighborhood: Boerum Hill

Very good butcher in Astoria with Greek and italian products.

Merchant Type: Butcher
Neighborhood: Astoria

A halal butcher in Queen's Little Egypt.

Merchant Types: Butcher, Halal
Neighborhoods: Astoria, Little Egypt

Full-service market with good selections in produce, cheese, bread and bakery, meats and grocery items.

Merchant Type: Market & Grocery
Chorizo 101 - 06/05/2013
Spanish sausage -- cured or fresh -- seasoned with chiles, garlic and smoky paprika.

A superb eastern European butcher shop with its own smokehouse.

Merchant Types: Butcher, Charcuterie
Neighborhood: Ridgewood

Italian butcher with prime meats, organic poultry, storemade sausage, cheeses and some prepared foods.

Merchant Type: Butcher
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

A traditional Polish deli in Ridgewood, Queens.

Merchant Types: Charcuterie, Specialty
Neighborhood: Ridgewood

Everything sold here is big. And cheap. Located in Manhattan's Ninth Avenue food neighborhood.

Merchant Types: Butcher, Market & Grocery
Neighborhood: Hell's Kitchen
This recipe was a favorite of my dear friend, Pat Herold Nielsen. Serves about 20.  Or fewer with many leftovers.
Although lesser known than their pork counterparts, lamb riblets can be easily cooked in a city kitchen -- no grill needed -- and wow, what flavor.
Your turn to cook?  The City Cook can help with tips for menu planning, recipes, and budgeting your Thanksgiving dinner.
Where to buy a holiday turkey, roasts, game and meats for both special meals and every day.

A butcher shop in the Essex Street Market that specializes in local and heritage meats and poultry.

Merchant Types: Butcher, Specialty
Neighborhoods: Lower East Side, Online

Organic and locally grown foods as well as ones produced by sustainable methods. Produce, coffee, grain-fed meats, cheese, and fish.

Merchant Types: Market & Grocery, Organic, Wine
Neighborhoods: Dumbo, Chelsea
Clay pot cooking produces juicy flavor without any added fat. In this recipe, orange juice and soy sauce season the chicken while creating a complex and fragrant sauce.
Chinese BBQ Pork - 07/05/2012
One of my all-time favorites: slow-roasted pork shoulder, lacquered with a sweet and spicy glaze.
Inexpensive, big flavor, and quick to cook.
Eggs 101 - 06/29/2012
There may be a dozen in your refrigerator right now. Tips for buying, storing, cooking and eating eggs.
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