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Category "Nuts & Spices"
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A SoHo food emporium.  Crazy expensive.  And a shadow of its former self.

Neighborhoods: SoHo, Upper East Side

The granddaddy of New York City supermarkets. Huge selection, great prices, and oh, those crowds....

The New York branch of the great French mustard company, founded in 1747.

Merchant Type: Specialty
Neighborhood: Upper West Side
Vanilla 101 - 01/26/2015
Warm, sweet, creamy, and complex. And the world's most popular flavor.

Full-service market with good, if pricey, selections in produce, grocery items, meat and fish, cheese, bread and bakery.

Merchant Type: Market & Grocery
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

New York City has more than 50 Greenmarkets. Lucky us.

Merchant Types: Organic, Produce, Specialty
Spice Mixes 101 - 04/10/2014
Blends of flavors bring the world into your kitchen.

An Indian spice market and grocery in Manhattan's East Village.

Merchant Type: Specialty
Neighborhoods: East Village, Online
Also known as colatura di alici di Cetara. Fermented fish sauce that's been called the "ketchup of the gods."
Chestnuts 101 - 11/07/2013
Whether roasted on an open fire or puréed in your food processor, chestnuts are a versatile winter treat.

A small, family-run, resourceful and welcoming spice shop on Lexington Avenue.

Merchant Type: Specialty
Neighborhoods: Gramercy Park, Murray Hill
Made by a Connecticut garlic farmer. No fillers or agents. Just robust flavor.
Peppercorns 101 - 09/04/2013
The fire and complexity of a quotidian spice: pepper.

An Egyptian grocer and halal butcher shop.

Merchant Types: Butcher, Halal, Market & Grocery
Neighborhood: Boerum Hill

A trio of splendid Queens grocery shops that feature freshly roasted and ground coffees.

Neighborhoods: Astoria, Ridgewood, Sunnyside

Full-service market with good selections in produce, cheese, bread and bakery, meats and grocery items.

Merchant Type: Market & Grocery
A national spice and seasoning retailer with a resourceful online selection of herbs, spices, spice mixes, and rubs.
Merchant Type: Specialty
Neighborhood: Online
Hummus - 12/01/2011
Sliced pickled jalapeños and cumin add extra flavor.
Adobo - 10/20/2011
Adobo is both a spice mix and a way to cook, popular from Spain to the Philippines.
Nut and Seed Oils - 07/14/2011
Add flavor and versatility to cooked, baked and raw foods.
Paprika 101 - 06/23/2011
Paprika is for much more than goulash and deviled eggs.
A top quality national grocery chain with a growing commitment to local farmers and competitive prices.
The fun, learning, and pain of a hot sauce tasting.
Mark Bitterman, author of Salted: A Manifesto On The World's Most Essential Mineral, With Recipes, gives us a salt primer.
Specialists in salt, chocolate, bitters and flowers.
Merchant Types: Chocolate & Candy, Specialty
Neighborhood: West Village
One of NYC's shopping treasures, our own spice market.
New York has five outposts of this national chain that has a cult following. Three in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn and one in Queens.
Merchant Type: Market & Grocery
Specialty grocers selling cheeses, charcuterie, spices, and hard-to-find imports.
Merchant Type: Market & Grocery
Neighborhood: Online
On-line merchant for nuts, chocolates, coffees and teas.
Merchant Types: Kosher, Specialty
Neighborhood: Online
Mixing and grinding your own curry transforms puréed butternut squash into a complex and satisfying soup.
Our own local spice market and a NYC treasure.
Merchant Types: Coffee & Tea, Specialty
Neighborhood: Gramercy Park
Small Chelsea Market retail outpost of online and wholesale nut merchants.
Merchant Type: Specialty
Neighborhoods: Chelsea, Online
Almond Cream Tart - 12/24/2009
Intensely almond with a Cognac-tinged finish, this tart is easy to make even for the most pastry-phobic cook.
A cross between a bar cookie and an upside down cake, both sweet and tangy.
Think fresh herbs always trump dried? That's not the case with oregano.
New York's leading on-line grocer.
Neighborhood: Online
Twelve food merchants together in one Midtown Manhattan landmark.
A Curry Adventure - 02/05/2009
Discovering the way and the means to make a fragrant and flavorful curry.
The world is a spice market and trying a few new seasonings can be inspiring.
A speciality market known for its nuts and dried fruit but it also has a full-service market with meat, fish, cheese, produce and grocery items.
Merchant Types: Market & Grocery, Specialty
Neighborhood: TriBeCa
A splendid natural foods supermarket in Manhattan's Columbus Circle neighborhood.
Neighborhood: Midtown
Ways to add flavor with the smallest member of the onion family.
Pan-Asian grocery in Chinatown.
Merchant Type: Specialty
Neighborhood: Chinatown
Cooking with heat, whether from chili peppers or hot sauces, is a dangerous and delicious sport.
Middle-Eastern food grocery on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights.
Merchant Types: Market & Grocery, Specialty
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
A Middle-Eastern market on Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue.
Merchant Types: Market & Grocery, Specialty
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
A large natural and organic foods store in Brooklyn Heights.
Merchant Types: Market & Grocery, Organic
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
A long-loved Brooklyn Heights shop that sells coffees, teas, and chocolates.
Merchant Types: Coffee & Tea, Chocolate & Candy
A natural foods and organic supermarket in Park Slope.
Neighborhood: Park Slope
A charming and tempting family-owned candy and chocolate store celebrating its 25th year on the Lower East Side. Their well-chosen selection ranges from artisanal chocolates to kids favorites to organic dried fruits.
Neighborhood: Lower East Side
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