Local Roots CSA Expands Its Reach and Food Choices

Local Roots CSA Expands Its Reach and Food Choices

If you live in Brooklyn, lower Manhattan, or one lucky Queens neighborhood, there are no excuses for not joining a CSA (community supported agriculture).  That's because Local Roots CSA is making it increasingly easy to buy a membership that is uniquely yours, plus get your groceries delivered in the way that suits you best.

Local Roots CSA now serves:

In addition to home delivery, you can also pick up your weekly groceries at designated neighborhood bars during convenient end-of-day hours, or, if you're an employee, at one of the growing number of workplace CSAs, including R/GA and BuzzFeed in Manhattan and The Yard in Greenpoint (exceptions are the workplace CSA at NYU/Alexandria Center in Kips Bay and Local Roots' Harlem location).

Three 12-Week Seasons and Buy What You Want

Instead of a single and longer CSA share, Local Roots CSA offers three 12-week seasons.  The summer share begins the second week of June, after which there will be fall and winter seasons.  Orders for the summer season are due by May 27 and can be completed at Local Roots CSA's website.

Local Roots CSA is noticeably different than most other CSAs in how each member customizes what they get, choosing from a variety of options to put their own order together.  For instance you can buy a 12-week order made up of vegetables, eggs, veggie burgers, and mushrooms while someone else might choose fruit, sausages, coffee, chocolate, and home delivery.  It's a uniquely custom-made CSA and because each element has its own cost, there's no standard pricing.

Food options include produce, fruit, juice, coffee, mushrooms, bee pollen, meat, fish, dairy items like milk, cheese, butter and eggs, plus granola, fresh pasta, tea, veggie burgers, locally produced charcuterie, and even a catch-all "artisanal" that is an appealing grab-bag of locally made special items like popcorn, beef jerky, pickles, and other treats.  Notable is how there is no volunteer requirement, with Local Roots CSA providing the administrative and operational support to both members and the farmers.

Year-Round Support, Engagement and Fun

With a mission to help New Yorkers cook and eat more healthy, locally grown and produced foods, and to celebrate the chance to do so, Local Roots CSA runs year-round social events including supper clubs, food festivals, cooking demonstrations, opportunities to meet with farmers, and for kids, a school program called CSA in the Classroom for schools K-12.

You can learn more about Local Roots CSA at their highly informative website (see the link below) and there's still time to sign up for a 12-week summer share.


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