Be My Valentine. And Bring A Hammer.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Be My Valentine. And Bring A Hammer.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Whether it's a day you celebrate or a day you dread, there can be more to it than chocolates, roses, and dinner at crowded restaurants with tough-to-get reservations.

Instead, to enjoy a day that is supposed to celebrate love, take a look at Nils Wessell's Brooklyn Butcher Blocks, a wonderful local artisan who makes gorgeous cutting boards, plus countertops, knife racks, serving pieces, and other handsome, durable, and hand-made useful things for your kitchen. You can buy one of Nils's beautiful products. Or, as a way to spend time with your sweetheart or meet other people who share your creative bent, consider taking one of Brooklyn Butcher Blocks' new woodworking classes.

Until Valentine's Day, Nils is offering two discounts. Get 10% off all online product orders with the code BEMINE. Here is a link to their products.

And for the woodworking classes, in which you'll make your own cutting board, you can receive a 25% discount when buying two or more spots in a class with the code TEACHFORTWO.   Each class is $200 per person so this is a big savings. Here is more information about the class.

The class, called Woodworking 101, is perfect for beginners and is held on two consecutive Fridays (dates are on the website).  Future classes will take on building furniture, including a coffee table and a bed.

And just remember that in The Wizard of Oz, the one who sought and finally found his heart was the tin man -- a woodsman.  Happy Valentine's Day!





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