Ambrosi Cutlery


Ambrosi Cutlery

4 Lupi Court
Mahopac, New York

P: 212.247.0055

Based in Hudson Valley, Ambrosi Cutlery takes care of the knives and other cutting tools of many of New York's best chefs, butchers and fish mongers.  But they also sharpen knives for home cooks.

What to know:

You can obtain a pre-paid UPS shipping box by calling or through their website.  Use the box to send your knives easily and safely to their Mahopac facility and you'll have them back to you in about a week.  Cost is about $5.00 to $8.00 per knife, depending on the size and condition of the blade.

What's great:

If you have a large order they will pick up and drop off in many parts of New York City.  Call for details and to discuss what's feasible.  This is a 4th generation family business and these guys really know what they are doing -- you can trust them with your beloved Wusthof or Shun Elite chef's knife without a worry.

Contact information:

55 Fields Lane
North Salem, NY  10560




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