Big Apple Meat Market


Big Apple Meat Market

Hell's Kitchen
529 Ninth Ave.
between W.39/40th Streets

P: 212.563.2555

A supermarket located in the Ninth Avenue food corridor.  Nearly everything is sold is in bulk.  And nearly everything is very cheap.  It's not a fancy store but overlook its limitations for its plusses. 

What's great:
The meat department has true bargains on items sold in big sizes and large quantities. For example, huge strips of pork ribs, 5 and 10 pound packs of chicken legs, hams for $.98/pound, and big packs of lamb chops for $2.48/pound.  They also sell restaurant-sized cans of items like Goya beans and mega-sized packs of American cheese and corn or wheat tortillas. 

What to avoid:
This is not the place to look for things gourmet or exotic or to buy in small, discreet quantities.  Also, don't go here for produce.

What to know:
If you're cooking for a large group, this is a great place to buy certain items, like meat, poultry and things that come in cans or bottles.  Even though this isn't a fancy butcher, the meat can be very good.  But they won't always have everything and most of the meat and poultry are very mainstream items so come here for chicken, not osso buco.   

In the spring of 2013 the store moved into a new location a couple of blocks down Ninth Avenue.  These new digs are nicer but the selection and values are the same.



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