Black Hound New York


Black Hound New York

East Village
170 Second Ave.
between E. 10th/11th Sts.

P: 212.979.9505

A bakery in the East Village that makes and sells beautifully crafted pastries that are as delicious as they look.  Other sweets include beautiful cookies, chocolates and cakes.  They manage to combine the traditions of flavorful baking with modern presentation, style and flavorings.

What's great:

Small cakes, tarts and fruit desserts like a tea cup made of semi-sweet chocolate filled with pastry cream and topped with fresh berries.  They also make their own truffles, jarred fruits, and what they call "confections" -- like hazelnut brittle.  Their web site shows their large selection of pastries, which include mini cakes, and if planning something special, you can choose from the web site and call ahead to place your order.

They sell savory pastries like puff pastry cheese sticks and "cookies" made with black olive paste that are perfect with a cocktail or glass of wine. 

What to know:

Their web site offers a list of pastries made without nuts or without flour.  They have pretty gift boxes on hand to package up a selection of cookies to create a house gift that's the perfect alternative to a bunch of flowers if heading to a friend's for dinner.

If you can't make it to their East Village store, you can buy on-line and they'll ship.




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