Christopher Norman Chocolates


Christopher Norman Chocolates

Financial District
60 New St.
between Beaver St./Exchange Pl.

P: 212.402.1243

This specialty chocolatier makes and sells its superb chocolates and bakery products at a downtown shop located right behind the New York Stock Exchange. It just might be the only chocolate shop in the country that has bomb sniffing dogs down the block -- or else those dogs are in bliss being near this special merchant.

All the chocolates are hand-made with precious ingredients from around the world. The small factory has three chocolate fountains used to make individual bon bons and truffles, plus sculptured custom items for weddings, corporate events and special celebrations. But it's not just for the big shows. It's worth the trip to find a special gift for a hostess or just a treat for our selves and our friends.

What's great:

Everything. Handmade truffles, fruit ganache filled bon bons, unusual but brilliant flavor combinations like blue cheese and chocolate (a match with wine or port), crispy crunches, seasonal favorites, hand-painted chocolates, their hand-shaped chocolate chip cookies, and everything else they sell.

What to know:

They make a non-dairy vegan collection.

After 9/11 this company chose to move from the Lower East Side to occupy one of the many spaces that the neighborhood urgently needed to fill, making a very sweet show of support for New York City.



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