Duane Park Patisserie


Duane Park Patisserie

179 Duane St.
between Greenwich/Hudson Sts.

P: 212.274.8447

A neighborhood bakery that sells pastry, cakes and cookies. Seasonal and holiday specialties and birthday and wedding cakes made to order.

What's great:

In a neighborhood that can be a bit glitzy, this splendid and authentic bakery has a welcoming and easy feel.  Then there's the pastry -- eclectic, beautiful, fragrant and full of great flavor.  There are old fashioned and modern cookies, tiny fruit tarts, heavenly fruit turnovers with a butter pastry that is both tender and shattering at the same time, gorgeous pies and cakes.

What to know:

The shop has a couple of 50's-style kitchen tables where you can linger with coffee or a cold drink and something wonderful to eat.  The bakery knows its regulars and visa versa:  when I was last there a customer walked in and asked, "do you have those peanut butter things?" and the counter person knew exactly what he meant. 



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