Flying Pigs Farm


Flying Pigs Farm

Union Square
Greenmarket at Union Square
Broadway at W. 16th St.

P: 518.854.3844

Park Slope
Greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza

P: 518.854.3844

A premium pork producer from the Battenskill River Valley that sells exquisite pork products year-round at the Greenmarkets held at Union Square and the Grand Army Plaza in Park Slope, both on Saturdays.  The various cuts are from rare heritage breeds that are raised in a free-roam environment and fed a diet without any antibiotics or animal parts.


What's great:

Bacon, bacon, bacon.  Plus beautiful cuts of pork that will be familiar, like pork cutlets and ham steaks, and cuts that may not, like fresh belly.  They make several types of sausage, both sweet and spicy.  Unlike what you get from supermarkets and even most butchers, this pork actually has flavor.  And if they have leaf lard in stock, buy it even if you don't need it now because it will keep forever in your freezer -- certainly until Thanksgiving when you'll be happy to use it in your pie doughs.


What to know:

For unfamiliar cuts of meat, they'll offer you expert cooking advice, including pre-printed recipes you can take with you.  In addition to selling at the Greenmarkets, Flying Pigs Farm will also sell via their web site or by mail and they ship once a week (early in the week).  They are a small, family-run farm so be patient when trying to reach them by phone -- these are farmers and they work with the animals, not in an office.




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