Frank & Sal's Prime Meats


Frank & Sal's Prime Meats

8008 18th Avenue
at 80th Street

P: 718.331.8100

Frank & Sal's Prime Meats refer to themselves as purveyors of fine Italian food which is another way of saying that they are a full-service Italian grocery store.

The store is fronted by a fruit and vegetable area with boxes of produce, most of which looks like items from Hunts Point and not artisanal but still a very good and wide selection at excellent prices.  Inside is a large market, with shelves stacked high with both US and Italian products, although the Italian ones get pride of place.

What's great:  Meat and poultry is sold both pre-cut and wrapped as well as at a counter where butcher service is available to cut your order as you like.  The dry and fresh pasta selection is huge as is the range of grocer items from San Pelligrino water to San Marzano tomatoes to Italian tuna, salt, capers, amaretti cookies, olive oil, and much more. 

What to know:  The cheese and salumeria departments have good selections and pieces are cut to order, but prices are about the same as in most Manhattan and other Brooklyn Italian markets.  The store has a popular selection of prepared foods ready for take-out.






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