Gramercy Fish


Gramercy Fish

Gramercy Park
383A Second Avenue
at E. 22nd St.

P: 212.213.5557

An appealing and welcoming neighborhood fish market located a couple of avenue blocks east of Gramercy Square Park.  Excellent selection of whole and filleted fish, shellfish, prepared foods and grocery items.  There are friendly touches throughout the small shop, like offering print-outs of recipes from FoodTV and other web recipe databases, and having a seafood guidebook available on a handy pedestal to help customers make purchases.

What's great:

Each fish is labeled for its origin and there is a generous selection of wild and organic fish and shellfish.  The fish is beautifully kept and presented on ice.  There's a welcoming chalk board at the entrance noting the day's specials.  Every day of the week they make a different soup or chowder. 

What to know:

Grocery items include smoked fish, spices and herbs.  The store also offers a nice selection of fresh produce, making it easy to buy everything you need for dinner.  They can ship anywhere FedEx overnight.



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