Gramercy Meat Market


Gramercy Meat Market

Gramercy Park
383B Second Ave.
at E. 22nd St.

P: 212.481.1114

A neighborhood meat market and butcher located in the neighborhood about two avenue blocks east of Gramercy Square Park.  They feature grass fed all natural organic meats and poultry, game, and with a special order can get you nearly anything you'd want.

What's great:

They sell grass fed organic meats and poultry, including Murray's Chicken and Kobe beef.  They sell game, including New Zealand venison and Muscovy duck.  They sell and can cook to order organic suckling pig.  With some notice they can special order kosher meats.  Other more exotic game can be special ordered including elk, snapping turtle and alligator. 

What to know:

The store also sells a small selection of prepared foods, some grocery items and fresh produce, and is directly next door to the wonderful Gramercy Fish Co.  The back of the store has a small fruit and juice bar.




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