Greenwich Produce


Greenwich Produce

Greenwich Produce
Grand Central Market
Lexington Ave. at E. 43rd St.

P: 212.490.4444

This shop has two outposts in the Grand Central Market. At the western end of the Market is where they sell pre-wrapped fruit, bunches of grapes, plastic containers of nuts and dried fruits, and other more grab-and-go type items. Their main shop is right inside the Market's Lexington Avenue entrance where they sell a beautiful and extensive selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

What's great:
They sell all the basics plus more, such as about 8 kinds of potatoes, a variety of salad greends, fresh herbs, fruit in season, a good selection of year-round and seasonal vegetables, and the essentials like garlic, onions and ginger.  They also always have a large selection of very fresh flowers at good prices.  This may be the best produce selection in midtown Manhattan.

What to avoid:
This may not be the place to routinely find anything too much out of the ordinary.  For example, this probably isn't the place to find celeri root.  Still, you could ask -- they just might have it.

What to know:
The presentation is beautiful and the people who work there are very helpful.  While they usually have a core selection, they will occasionally have new, unusual and local produce plus they can be a good source for more exotic items like wild mushrooms.  They also always have a big selection of very fresh flowers.   



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