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Gustiamo is a Bronx-based importer of top quality and often hard-to-find food products from Italy.  They supply some of New York's best food merchants and also sell directly to consumers through their website.

What's great:

They offer a huge selection of superb artisanal dry pasta and rice.  These include Latini and Martelli pastas, and rices grown in the Veneto and produced by Gazzani, including brown rice, and organic Carnaroli Rice Superfino Acquerello by Rinaldo Rondolino.  Their other imports include small producer olive oil and vinegars, 

This is also where you can find jars of sea salt harvested from Trapani salt pans and chunks of bottarga di Muggine from Sardegna and bottarga di tonno from Sicily.

The people who run this company are eager to please, love what they do, and only want you to experience the great foods that they bring from throughout Italy. 

What to know:

They don't sell truffle oil and they'll tell you why.

Shipping is $15 per order, regardless of the destination or the size.  A good value if you figure the cost of a New York taxi.




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