Holland Court Meat & Fish Market


Holland Court Meat & Fish Market

Upper East Side
1423 Lexington Ave.
at E. 93rd St.

P: 212.289.8490

A neighborhood meat and fish market that is so rooted in the neighborhood that they don't even put an area code on their business cards.  Excellent quality prime meats, Bell & Evans poultry, game, and a small but quality selection of fresh fish.

What's great:

This shop is all about the excellence and skill of the butchers.  Nearly all the product is kept in a huge walk-in refrigerator that's at the back of the small store and you simply tell the butcher what you want and he'll get it, finish it just as you like and wrap it up for you. 

What to know:

They call themselves specialists in pheasant, squab and veal but these guys really know about all types of meat and poultry.  Call first if there's something special you want.  They deliver, too.



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