Il Fornaretto Bakery


Il Fornaretto Bakery

7616 17th Avenue
at 77th Street

P: 718.236.6669

Il Fornaretto is a brick oven bakery that specializes in all kinds of breads and savory baked goods.  The bakery was originally opened in 1927 and is owned and operated by the Maggiore family.  Located in Bensonhurst, the storefront, which opens into the bakery itself, is just a block away from 18th Avenue, the neighborhood's main street and it's worth the detour because this is one of Bensonhurst's best.

What's great:  The pane di casa is a large, round white bread.  Other favorites are the intensely flavored prosciutto bread and specials like the onion panini, topped with caramelized onions.  This is also the place to find little baguettes of semolina bread.




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