Koglin Royal Hams


Koglin Royal Hams

Lexington Ave. at E. 43rd St.
Grand Central Market

P: 212.499.0725

A German charcuterie with a huge selection of sausage (made with veal, pork and beef), bacons, smoked meats, salamis, and hams, plus prepared foods and German grocery items. Located in the Grand Central Market.

What's great:
The selection of about 25 sausages, more than 20 salimis, and about 30 hams and cured meats. There's also a big variety of liverwursts, fresh salads, herring, meat balls, and other German-style prepared foods.

What to know:
During the summer months when grilling wursts is popular, the shop can sell up to 200 different kinds of sausage, bacon, hams and other meats. There's also a deep selection of grocery items like hot mustards, horseradish sauce, German cookies and crackers, jarred sauerkraut, muesli, and chocolate covered marzipan.



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