LeNell's Ltd., a Wine and Spirit Boutique


LeNell's Ltd., a Wine and Spirit Boutique

Red Hook
416 Van Brunt St.
Between Coffey/Van Dyke

P: 718.360.0838

A wine and spirit store with a deserved cult following.  Famed for selling, will knowledge and skill, more than 100 different American whiskies.  Located in the tough-to-get-to emerging Red Hook neighborhood, they sell wines, spirits, glassware and accessories, and any ingredient a bartender would need or want.

What's great:

They sell their own brand of "Red Hook Rye."  Other special offerings include Hudson Bourbon, the only bourbon made in New York State, and wines produced by small vineyard including many owned by people of color such as Africans in South Africa.  They hold Bourbon Festivals when they open lots of bottles for tasting and other events to introduce you to new unfamiliar beverages (see their web site for a current calendar).

What to know:

LeNell's is a favorite resource for some of the city's best, most inventive, and most respected bartenders who go to the store to buy items like hard-to-find bitters and both traditional and non-traditional ingredients.

They're open on Sundays and they're located just down the road from Fairway's Red Hook store and Baked, the wonderful bakery.





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