M 2 M


M 2 M

East Village
55 Third Ave.
at E. 11th St.

P: 212.353.2698

Upper West Side
2935 Broadway
at W. 114th St.

P: 212.280.4600

These two stores sell all types of Asian ingredients -- Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and others -- plus a few non-Asian ones as well. 

What's great:

The stores are large, well stocked and resourceful.  Items include a huge number of frozen foods like dumplings and gyoza, dozens of hot sauces, all types of pastas and noodles (including the Italian brand DeCecco), half and aisle of Ramen noodles, one liter bottles of soy sauce, snacks and sweets, and more. 

What to know:

The stores are open from "morning to midnight" -- thus the name.  They also sell prepared sushi which can be eaten in or taken out. 



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