Marino & Sons Fish Market


Marino & Sons Fish Market

36-10 30th Avenue
at 37th St.

P: 718.728.6160

The owner of Marino's Fish Market told me that most of his fish is shown whole instead of already cut into fillets because "my customers know that if you don't see the fish, you won't know what you're buying."   A long, narrow shop lined with ice-filled counters, here a large selection of beautiful fish and shellfish could tempt the most resigned meat-eater. 

What's great:

A large selection of beautiful, acutely fresh whole fish and shellfish.  A few have already been filleted, but most are for you to choose and then have cut and trimmed to order.  Shellfish include what's in season plus year-round favorites like shrimp and scallops.

What to know:

The store is under the management of 4th generation of fish mongers.  The dedication shows. 




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