Pescatore Seafood


Pescatore Seafood

Grand Central Market
Lexington Ave. at E. 43rd St.

P: 212.557.4466

Fish market in the Grand Central Market that offers fresh and prepared seafood.

What's great:
They regularly have specials that can help ease some of the high prices.  For example, if it's "Tuesday is Salmon Day," when you buy a pound of salmon, you'll get an extra half-pound free.  Among their best offerings are flounder, salmon or tilapia fillets already crusted with flavored panko-like toppings, ready to take home and cook.  The crusts are also sold separately so you can do your own.

What to know:
They sell semi-prepared seafood like pre-sauced or pre-glazed salmon fillets and salmon burgers that you cook at home.



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