Pie Corps


Pie Corps

77 Driggs Avenue

P: 917.721.3052

Pie Corps proprietors Cheryl Perry and Felipa Lopez call themselves "pie-oneers" as they make possible the absolutely best commercially made sweet and savory pastries available in New York City. 

What to Know:

Working from its bakery location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Pie Corps pies, tarts, hand pies, and other pastries are sold at a select number of New York City markets, including Union Market in Park Slope and Bedford Cheese in Williamsburg.  They are also sold at the Hester Street Fair held on Saturdays on Manhattan's Lower East Side. 

The best way to find their pies is at their website or by calling their storefront on Driggs Avenue in Greenpoint which is open seven days a week.

The pies' exceptional flavor obviously comes from their careful making but also because they bake their pies using flour from Lancaster, PA, butter from Vermont, and local meats and produce.

What's Great:

Everything we've ever sampled is truly outstanding but their savory tarts, including a horseradish and beet galette and their braised pork carnitas hand pies are amazing.  They also make what's fitting for the season, including winter holiday favorites such as pumpkin maple bourbon pies.



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