Pisacane Seafood


Pisacane Seafood

Sutton Place
940 First Ave.
at E. 52nd St.

P: 212.752.7560

Pisacane shares half a block with two other excellent food merchants (L. Simchick and Ideal Cheese).  It completes the trio with the same level of quality.  Gorgeous fish beautifully kept on mounds of shaved ice keeps company with piles of perfect shellfish.

What's great:
Everything looks like it's the best catch of the day, even if it's an item, like organic salmon, that they have every day.  Special items, like a recent note about fresh pompano, is written on an old-fashioned paper sign in the window.

What to know:
They also sell sauces and other ingredients to help you cook and serve their fish and shellfish.



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Comforting: Like Fresh Pasta




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