Pumpkin's Organic Market


Pumpkin's Organic Market

Park Slope
1302 Eighth Ave.
between 13th/14th Sts.

P: 718.499.8539

A wonderful organic market in Park Slope with a large and diverse selection of produce, cheese, meats, baked goods, grocery items, and more.  Their mission statement describes best what they do:  "to provide the community with fresh, local and sustainable organic foods and goods while providing a warm and comfortable atmosphere to shop in."

What's great:

Local and seasonal produce and herbs independent, small producers whenever possible.  Grains, beans and granolas sold in bulk.  An alluring selection of teas sold in small amounts for best flavor.  Fair trade coffees.  Organic and vegan grocery items.  Amy's bread delivered to the store daily.  Eco-friendly detergents and household products. 

What to know:

The store was opened in 2002 and is owned and staffed by a team of individuals who truly believe in their mission.  Their web site tells their story and provides more details about what they sell.  And why.






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