Quattro's Game & Poultry Farm


Quattro's Game & Poultry Farm

Union Square Park

P: 845.635.2018

Superb poultry and game producers from Dutchess County who sell their products at the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturdays throughout the year.

What's great:

Heritage chickens, pheasant, and duck (whole and pieces).  Duck and quail eggs.

This is one of the Greenmarket producers that makes a trip to the market completely worth the time and effort.

What to know:

You can special order heritage breed turkeys for Thanksgiving and other holidays.  On any given Saturday the duck breasts sell out first so shop early so you won't be disappointed. 

Quattro's fabulous duck breasts typically are smaller than the larger ones usually sold by traditional markets and butcher shops, such as those produced by D'Artagnan which can be twice the size.  Remember to take this into account in your recipes. 



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