Spice Corner


Spice Corner

Grammercy Park
135 Lexington Ave.
at E. 29th St.

P: 212.689.5182

In business for more than 20 years in the same Curry Hill location, this family run spice shop sells a beautiful selection of spices and seasonings, dried beans and fruits, ingredients for Indian and other cuisines, and sweets and teas.

What's great:

The service is friendly and helpful.  There is a large selection of nuts, dried fruits, hot sauces, chili pastes, lentils, spices, beans, and more.  There are some fresh ingredients that are basic to Indian cuisine including okra, ginger and garlic.  There is a small case of frozen foods, such as Bhindi Masala.  They make their own chutneys in sweet, mild and hot and in jars that range from small to generously large.

This is a wonderful shop to visit to refresh your spice cabinet and while there, try something new and unfamiliar.

What to know:

They sell Halal meats and also have a small selection of Indian household items like hookas.



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