Stinky Bklyn


Stinky Bklyn

Carroll Gardens
215 Smith Street
between Butler and Baltic Sts.

P: 718.522.7424

What's not to love about stinky cheese? Ask the people who run this wonderful cheese shop and they'll tell you "nothing"! They even organize their offerings not by type of cheese but by the power of its aroma. They also have a nice selection of charcuterie and chocolates.

What's great:

They offer a superb selection of cheeses and charcuterie, of which everything is cut to order by hand. The cheeses are marked by country of origin, price and with a detailed description of its taste. The charcuterie, which includes Kentucky ham and guanciale, is also marked for its country of origin.

What to know:

Their non-cheese items include Ciao Bella sorbettos and gelati, imported salts, honey, mustards and spices, and a few in-season produce items. They sell Il Forno breads and a few cooking or serving accessories, such as cutting boards and knives. These folks also own Smith & Vine, a sister store across the street that sells wine.



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