Sweet Melissa Patisserie


Sweet Melissa Patisserie

Carroll Gardens
296 Bond St.
at Sackett

Cobble Hill
276 Court St.
between Butler/Douglass Sts.

P: 718.855.3410

Park Slope
175 7th Ave.
between 1st/2nd Sts.

P: 718.502.9153

Superb pastry and bread bakery with storefronts in Park Slope, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. 

What's great:

Everything about the bakery is pretty and appealing.  Famed for gorgeous wedding cakes that taste as good as they look, the bakery also excels at pies, tarts, cookies and seasonal desserts.  Among their products are ones that are old fashioned with a modern inspiration, such as "sweet almond" and "banana-chocolate" bread puddings. 

What to know:

If you want to be sure they have something or have a special need or request, let them know and put in a special order.





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