Trader Joe's


Trader Joe's

Union Square
142 E.14th St.
between 3rd/4th Aves.

P: 212.529.4612

675 6th Avenue
between W. 21/W. 22nd Streets

P: 212.255.2106

Upper West Side
2075 Broadway
at W. 72nd St.

P: 212.799.0028

Murray Hill
200 E. 32nd St.

P: 212.889.3279

233 Spring St.
at 6th Ave.

P: 212.691.2721

Upper West Side
670 Columbus Ave.
at W. 92nd St.

P: 212.678.1680

Rego Park
9030 Metropolitan Avenue
near Woodhaven Blvd.

P: 718.275.1791

Carroll Gardens
130 Court St.
at Atlantic Ave.

P: 718.246.8460

City Point
445 Gold St.

P: 718.243.0107

New York currently has nine outposts of this national chain that has a cult following -- in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.  Long lines can happen during peak shopping, such as the days before a major food holiday like Thanksgiving, or when there's a blizzard in the forecast.

What's great: 

The selection is eclectic and the people who work in the store are very nice.  This is a very handy place to find items like hors d'oeuvres and dips and there are people who admit to addictions to the store's cookies and snacks.  Prices are very good. Selections of nuts and dried fruit are extensive, good quality and well priced. 

I'm a major fan of their tomato sauce with roasted garlic. 

What to avoid: 

With a city full of superb butchers and fish mongers, there's no reason to buy Trader Joe's frozen meat and fish.  Just my opinion. That said, the fresh meats can be very good quality at great prices.

What to know: 

Be clear about what this store is and what it isn't:  it primarily sells Trader Joe products and prepared foods, many of which come either frozen or in boxes.  Produce selection can be spotty.  There's nothing wrong with that but it's not a regular grocery store, that's all. 

One Manhattan store is just a few steps away from the Union Square Greenmarket and Whole Foods so you can get your Trader Joe favorites and then go next door for fresh food.  In Brooklyn, one store is near Sahadi's and other neighborhood favorites.




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