Wild Edibles


Wild Edibles

Grand Central Market
at Lexington Ave./E. 43rd St.

P: 212.687.4255

Murray Hill
535 Third Ave.
between E. 35th/36th Sts.

P: 212.213.8552

56 Adams St.
at Front St.

P: 718.801.8400

A wonderful fish monger in the Grand Central Market, Murray Hill, and Dumbo's Forager's Market with a wide selection of fish and shellfish, sauces and flavorings, utencils and accessories, and a commitment to offering superb and sustainable seafood.

What's great:
The selection includes remarkably fresh fish, lots from the East coast but also such favorites as Bronzino from the Mediterranean.  Also on hand are luxury items like caviar, some prepared foods, seasonings and sauces, and a few seafood tools like knives to shuck oysters.

Wild Edibles has teamed with The Blue Ocean Institute in providing clear color-coded labeling that indicates each fish or shellfish for its level of sustainability.  This system is the first of its kind in the Northeast U.S.

What to avoid: 
Good fish is always expensive and the rent in Grand Central Market must have an impact on their prices which can be high.  But in return the quality is outstanding. 

What to know:
Much of the fish is already cut and trimmed but whole fish are available either whole or filleted to your specifications.  The store is run by a real fish monger who has made a serious commitment to sustainable food and fish sources and is working to educate both home cooks and professional chefs -- something that is not only appealing but essential.  Same day delivery in Manhattan if you place an order before 2:00 p.m.




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