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No retailer, grocer, vendor or manufacturer can pay to be included here. Integrity and credibility matter to us and The City Cook won’t sell veiled access to the kitchens of New York’s home cooks. All comments are the opinions of our editors and while you may not always agree with our evaluations or our palate, at least you can be sure that the worst we’ll be guilty of is bad taste, not bad behavior.

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A neighborhood treasure selling kitchen tools and cookware in Brooklyn Heights.

Merchant Types: Cookware, Tabletop
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
A small but friendly health health food store on Manhattan's Upper East Side.
Merchant Types: Organic, Specialty
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
A commercial knife sharpening and grinding company in Brooklyn's Broadway Junction.
Merchant Type: Specialty
Respected Upper West Side wine store with superb international selection.
Merchant Types: Liquor, Wine
Neighborhood: Upper West Side
Wine merchants in Ditmas Park.
Merchant Types: Kosher, Organic, Wine
Smoked fish direct from the smokehouse that supplies many of New York's best merchants. But only on Friday mornings.
Merchant Type: Fish Monger
Full-service upscale food market selling prime meats, cheese, breads and bakery items, produce and grocery products. Lots of things packed into a small store.
Merchant Type: Market & Grocery
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
Candy and snack food from a Hong Kong food retailer.
Merchant Types: Chocolate & Candy, Specialty
Neighborhoods: Chinatown, Little Italy

Middle Eastern bakery with traditional sweets.

Merchant Type: Bakery
Neighborhoods: Astoria, Little Egypt
An old-fashioned Upper East Side butcher that's been in business since 1961. Excellent quality and prices to match.
Merchant Type: Butcher
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
SoHo boutique that sells s.2Sleek, sometimes witty, Italian housewares, cookware and serving pieces.
Merchant Types: Cookware, Tabletop
Neighborhood: SoHo
One of New York's best Italian grocers. Meats, grocery items and extraordinary fresh mozzarella and ricotta.
Neighborhood: Little Italy
French pastry shop in Dumbo with a cult following for its croissants.
Merchant Type: Bakery
Neighborhood: Dumbo
An East Side wine store distinguished by its huge selection of wines, sake and single-malt scotches.
Merchant Types: Kosher, Liquor, Organic, Wine
Neighborhood: Sutton Place
Experts in sharpening knives and cutlery for both top culinary professionals and home cooks.
Merchant Type: Cookware
Neighborhood: Online
Cobble Hill beer specialists selling beers from around the world.
Merchant Types: Liquor, Specialty
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill
A small chain of small grocery markets valued for bringing fresh produce, meats, fish and other products to neighborhoods with few grocery choices or resources.
Merchant Type: Market & Grocery
One of New York's premier food merchants and certainly one of its best bread bakeries.
Merchant Types: Bakery, Organic
Staten Island German-American bakery.
Merchant Type: Bakery
High quality produce stores on the Upper East Side.
Merchant Type: Produce
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
Chelsea wine store that features organic and biodynamic wines.
Merchant Types: Liquor, Organic, Wine
Neighborhood: Chelsea
Online kitchenware store operated by the management of the former West Village shop by the same name.
Merchant Types: Cookware, Tabletop
Neighborhood: Online
There is a small but important retail counter inside Terrence Brennan's Artisanal restaurant that sells perfectly chosen, perfectly kept cheeses. You will not only find the perfect cheese here, sold to you at the perfect point for eating, but you will learn so very much about this divine food.
Merchant Type: Cheese & Dairy
Neighborhoods: Midtown, Murray Hill

A bakery and cafe in Astoria with Greek, Italian and French pastries.

Merchant Type: Bakery
Neighborhood: Astoria
A pan-Asian grocery market. Ingredients for Thai, Indonesian, Phillipine, Malaysian, Japanese and Chinese cuisines.
Merchant Types: Market & Grocery, Specialty
Neighborhood: Chinatown
Huge and resourceful wine and spirits merchant in NoHo that offers more than 10,000 labels. Upstairs is the Astor Center, a major new food and wine education center.
Merchant Types: Liquor, Wine
Neighborhood: East Village

A wonderful fish market on a busy stretch of 31st Street in Astoria.

Merchant Type: Fish Monger
Neighborhood: Astoria

Full-service wine and liquor shop in Astoria, Queens.

Merchant Types: Liquor, Wine
Neighborhood: Astoria
A popular produce market on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights.
Merchant Types: Market & Grocery, Produce
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
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