My Pandemic Diary, Entry #25


My Pandemic Diary, Entry #25

Hello Fellow City Cooks,

It’s Friday late afternoon and I’ve spent most of today on the phone with Apple trying to fix the abrupt and complete freeze of my computer. As if I needed something to add upheaval to my fragile and carefully constructed state of normal. Hubris on my part, I know, to think I was actually in control of my little life.

First, I worked with a woman in South Carolina who was patient and thorough and after nearly three hours, just as we were getting somewhere, my phone battery died. It took me another 45 minutes to get reconnected, this time to a really smart and practical New Yorker, and we finished fixing, at least well enough for now, my five-year old MAC and here we are. I’m sure it’s an experience you all have had. But I will concede that these are the times when I yearn for, back in the day, when someone else owned all the technology and had to fix it when it broke; now we have to both pay for it and fix it ourselves.

Otherwise it was a happy Friday.  Pre-Apple, Mark and I had a great walk. I placed an order for coffee beans from Zabar’s (they should arrive in about 20 days; really). And for our dinner tonight, I defrosted a nice piece of cod that I’ll coat in panko and fry and serve with an arugula salad with a lemon vinaigrette. Maybe it's also a good evening to have a cocktail.

I refuse to not have this be a good day. And thanks to both Tom and Gabrielle at Apple. You are my heroes.

Stay safe and have a nice dinner. 

Kate McDonough



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