Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Options For Creating a City Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Options For Creating a City Thanksgiving Dinner

It's hard to have an original idea when it comes to planning Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, many don't want something new -- we want this holiday to be full of the familiar. If you're still deciding what to cook for Thanksgiving dinner, we've gone through many of the season's cooking magazines, web sites, and cookbooks and have come up with a few suggestions for what to make. We've tried to balance tradition with healthy eating, value and a range of difficulty. Mostly we've tried to give you ideas about flavors, textures and taste that can combine to produce a satisfying meal -- satisfying to cook as well as to eat.

If you're doing a buffet, keep in mind which foods are easier to self-serve. And if any of your guests will be balancing plates on their laps or on coffee tables, also think about food that isn't too messy to eat. For instance, don't serve soup unless it's one that easy to drink from a mug. Any vegetarians among your family or guests? Make sure there's a generous selection of non-meat sides to choose from and if you know you've got vegetarians, make a little extra of the sides to take into account that they will be eating more vegetables than turkey. For some of these suggestions we've offered recipes but for others, a quick search of your cookbooks and favorite recipe web sites will give you many options.

Hors d'Oeuvres

It is the philosophy here at The City Cook that hors d'oeuvres should be light and few, unless, of course, you're making them for a cocktail party when the snacks will be the only food you serve.  But when choosing hors d'oeuvres before a dinner, begin with the meal that will follow.  Your goal is to tease the appetite, not satisfy it.

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