What's Fabulous: Seed + Mill Tahini

What's Fabulous: Seed + Mill Tahini

A couple of weeks ago my husband headed to Chelsea Market in pursuit of halvah, his (without qualification) all-time favorite confection. The New York Times had published a small item about a new halvah shop there called Seed + Mill and he was on the hunt. But the reward was not the exquisite and moist wedge of chocolate halvah he brought home (although it was outstanding).  It was the 9 oz. jar of tahini he bought for me.

Seed + Mill's tahini is nothing like the one that comes in a metal can with a pull-off top that when opened reveals an unappetizing oily surface and a dense, hard-to-stir bottom that resembles a soft brick of peanut butter. Instead this tahini has a pale color, similar to that of the sesame seeds from which it is made. The texture is a thick, velvety liquid that can benefit from a quick stir but give yourself the treat of then licking the spoon: you'll taste its complex, slightly nutty flavor and be tempted to dip the spoon again. (Seriously, have you ever wanted to lick the spoon after stirring the tahini that comes in a metal can?)

The ingredients are ground roasted Ethiopian sesame seeds. That's it. That means it's also gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and paleo. Seed + Mill also makes and sells a version with parsley, salt and garlic that is a ready-made dip or to drizzle on cooked vegetables. Both are sold at Seed + Mill's new kiosk at Chelsea Market.  

The next time you make a tahini dressing or your own hummus, you will be amazed how the tahini from Seed + Mill will transform its flavor and texture. When I mentioned my using their tahini in a favorite hummus recipe, Monica Molenaar, one of the company's partners, told me that even if you're accustomed to making hummus with chickpeas, with their tahini you can leave them out. Instead just add a little water, lemon juice and maybe a pinch of salt to the tahini. No chickpeas, and "no food processor," as Monica said. As you stir the mixture it will thicken and become a dip, a flavorful addition to avocado toast, or be used in any other way you've served hummus.

A 9 oz. jar costs $12, or two for $20. Refrigerate after opening.

We can only hope that they soon have other retailers selling their amazing products. Until then, add Seed + Mill to your list for your next visit to Chelsea Market. 75 Ninth Avenue at 15th Street in Manhattan. Open 10 am to 7 pm, seven days a week.



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