What's In Season: Zucchini

What's In Season: Zucchini

It seems to be a summer ritual -- that anyone with a backyard garden plants zucchini and then laments its overrun harvest. And is there an office in any city in America that doesn’t have an occasional Monday morning bounty of extra zucchini, harvested over the weekend and left for the taking in the communal lunchroom?

We also find them in our CSA shares and filling the bins of our summer farmers' markets. For most of the summer growing season, zucchini are bountiful, cheap, and the season is among the longest of our summer vegetables.

A few zucchini facts:

How To Buy and Store Zucchini

Cooking With Zucchini

So the next time a co-worker brings a bag of excess zucchini to the office, grab a few extras. It's more versatile than you may think.





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