Cooking Summer's Bounty

Ways To Cook Tomatoes, Zucchini and Peaches

Cooking Summer's Bounty

Ways To Cook Tomatoes, Zucchini and Peaches

Late summer is a wonderful time to cook, but still, there are challenges. If you have a CSA share you know what I mean when I ask, who doesn't get sick of zucchini? But that's nature's way and in the coming weeks we're going to see more of them, plus more tomatoes, peaches, and red peppers. We're also going to see their prices drop as supply rises.

So buy them, can them, freeze them, eat them, and enjoy them now because forecasters are saying that this summer's middle-of-the-country heat waves have damaged many crops, which in coming months will lead to even higher food prices. You may prefer to spend Saturday afternoons at the beach, but if you devote just one to capturing some end-of-August ingredients by turning them into sauce, jam, chutney, pickles, etc., come February you will be thanking me.

Even though I'm taking a little holiday, I don't want to abandon you at a critical home cooking time of year, so here are ideas for cooking some of August's most bountiful foods.  See our list of links to recipes for many of these.




You can also use these lists to create a menu based on your CSA share or what's best at the farmer's market. For example, a dinner made up of ziti with raw tomato sauce and zucchini carpaccio, with peach ginger crisp for dessert.

Add a glass of cold rosé and turn off all personal devices except your iPod, so to listen to Lani Hall or perhaps Gene Bertoncini playing Jobim, and enjoy a summer evening at home in the city. That's what I'm doing.





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