Books For Cooks


Books For Cooks

Notting Hill, London
4 Blenheim Crescent, between Portobello and Kensington Park Roads
London, England W11 1NN

P: 020.7221.1992
F: 020.7221.1517

Books For Cooks is an all-cookbook bookstore in London's Notting Hill neighborhood.  Charming and welcoming with 1,000's of cookbooks plus a café and cooking classes.

I came upon Books For Cooks while exploring the Notting Hill neighborhood of London while on a vacation.  The shop was opened in 1983, when English food was more a punchline than a dining plan.  But the shop had a mission and thirty years later it is a beloved part of London's cooking community and a destination for cooks from around the world.

What to know:

The shop is lined with shelves and filled with tables, all filled and stacked with cookbooks about every cuisine, technique, and ingredient.  At the rear of the shop is a café that serves coffee, tea, and a variety of snacks and sweets, making it easy to have a pause in your browsing or sightseeing.  Upstairs is a demonstration kitchen where cooking classes are held. 

The shop is closed on Sundays, Mondays, bank holidays, the last three weeks of August, and the ten days around Christmas and New Year's.

What's great:

The shop takes orders and ships internationally. 





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