Bottle Shoppe


Bottle Shoppe

East Williamsburg
353 Graham Ave.

P: 718.388.4122

301 Bedford Ave.

P: 718.302.3433

Wine and spirits shops in Williamsburg that are small in size but have generous selections.  The staff is friendly and helpful and the shops are a generous part of the neighborhood.

What's great:

They sell bottles of wine, Champagne -- and spirits -- in smaller bottles.  This is particularly helpful in a neighborhood where many of the restaurants are BYO.  They have a growing selection of organic and organically packaged wines.  There is a very large sake selection.

What to know:

They deliver to the neighborhood; call for details.  They do tastings year-round on Saturdays on sometimes also on other days depending on the time of the year and what's new in the shop.




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