Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory


Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Brooklyn Heights
14 Old Fulton Street
At Furman Street

P: 718.522.5211

Probably the best ice cream in all 5 boroughs.  It's worth a journey, although you may not want to try to bring pints home on the subway.  Instead, buy a cone, take a seat on the plaza in front of the shop, gaze at the Manhattan skyline, and be glad that a New Yorker is still making ice cream this good. 

What's great:
Every flavor is perfection and all are high in butterfat and flavor.  The fruit flavors are particularly inspiring.

What to avoid:
Unless you're traveling with a chill pack of dry ice, carrying pints or quarts of this treasure on the subway, especially in the summer, is probably not a good idea.

What to know:
The Brooklyn Heights storefront in on the Fulton Ferry Landing Pier, with a movie set quality view of the Manhattan skyline.  Go on a nice day and sit on a bench.  

Cash only. 



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