Greenwich Village
424 Avenue of the Americas
at W.9th St.
New York, NY

P: 212.874-0383
F: 212.555.1213

Upper West Side
2135 Broadway
at W.75th St.
New York, NY

Upper East Side
1313 Third Avenue
at E.75th St.
New York, NY

What's great:

The butchers and fish mongers really know what they’re doing and have much to teach so ask them questions. Best for fish and shellfish, fresh meats, poultry, game, and seasonal specialties, e.g., goose at Christmas or ham at Easter. Year-round specialty charcuterie offers fois gras, caviar, and when in season, black and white truffles.

What to avoid:

All the stores the day before a big holiday. 

What to know:

Produce and grocery items are very good and there's a deep and wide selection, but the prices are almost always higher than elsewhere.  In every department, but especially the butcher, if you want something special, order ahead.  If you do, they can get you almost anything.

Inside Info:

This New York City mini-chain of excellent markets began as a fish store and their fish counters still distinguish them, as do their butchers. If you have something special in mind (a kosher turkey at Thanksgiving or a whole sea bass) it’s a good idea to call ahead and place an order so you can be sure they'll have it when you want it.  You can shop at one of Citarella’s 4 markets or from their web site which promises delivery to most of Manhattan 24-hours after you place an order but the shipping charges are steep.  And there are no weekend deliveries.  All this is just too much trouble and cost so unless you’re apartment-bound, go there yourself and skip the shipping. Each store has local delivery services, similar to most NYC markets.



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