Coluccio & Sons


Coluccio & Sons

Borough Park
1214 60th St.
at 12th Avenue

P: 718.436.6700

A large Italian grocer in Borough Park, near Bensonhurst, that is primarily a wholesaler but with a retail shop next door.  They supply many of New York's best Italian restaurants and markets but you can buy in smaller quantities. Outstanding selection of canned tomatoes. 

What's great:

Cured meats and hams, cheeses, olives, grocery items and gigantic pasta selection. Prices are excellent.

What to know:

Their own brand of San Marzano tomatoes is an exceptional product at a great price and you can buy it by the case for an even better value.

They're open seven days a week, including on Sundays from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Check their website for hours on other days of the week.



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