East Village Meat Market


East Village Meat Market

East Village
139 Second Ave.
at E. 9th St.

P: 212.228.5590

A busy Polish-Ukrainian butcher shop staffed with old fashioned and skilled butchers.  Excellent selection of pork, veal, poultry and smoked sausages, including a big selection of kielbasas.

What's great:

The meat prices are very good for the same high quality meats you may find for higher prices in butcher shops in other Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods.  You can't find a better selection of hot dogs and smoked kielbasas in the city.

What to know:

The shop also has a big selection of pierogies, horseradish mustard, and other Eastern European favorites.  If the kielbasas, most of which hang in a case toward the front of the store, are too big, they will sell half-portions.



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