Economy Candy

Economy Candy

Economy Candy

Lower East Side
108 Rivington St.
between Essex/Ludlow Sts.

P: 212.254.1531

This shop has been a Lower East Side fixture since 1937.  Still family-run, the shop is lined floor to high-ceiling with shelves filled with all types of candy, nuts and dried fruit.  Much of their selection is the type of sweet that used to be called "penny candy" but they also sell many current and popular brands plus New York favorites like halvah.

What's great:

They sell nuts and dried fruit by the pound and have some hard-to-find and sentimental favorites like Sky Bars, lozenges from Leone in Torino, and Choward's gum.

What to avoid:

If there are lots of kids in the store, be patient as service can be a bit slow at times.  This is not the place to go for high-end, refined chocolates, although they do sell bars of imported chocolates including Lindt and Droste. 

What to know:

They sell sugar-free and kosher candies.  Prices range from good to excellent.    




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