Eli's Manhattan


Eli's Manhattan

Upper East Side
1411 Third Ave.
at E. 80th St.

P: 212.717.8100

High quality, lavishly stocked full-service market that serves the Upper East Side. Beautiful quality and a wide variety of produce, cheese, meat and fish, and a full grocery selection. Prices can be stinging but the quality is superb. 

What to know:

This market is the flagship for the Eli Zabar East Side Manhattan network (which does not include the famous Zabar's on the Upper West Side); see their website for other locations.  

Downstairs is produce, meat, fish and cheese and some grocery items.  Upstairs is smaller and has household items, other grocery items, bakery goods, and prepared foods. 

This is not a store to hunt for bargains.

There is a flower shop at this location.



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