Fish Tales Gourmet


Fish Tales Gourmet

Cobble Hill
191A Court St.
between Bergen/Wyckoff Sts.

P: 718.246.1346

Cobble Hill fishmonger that prides itself both for its superior fish as well as its neighborhood character. 

What's great:

This is a serious fishmonger.  Owner and manager John Addis goes daily to the wholesale markets with his own refrigerated truck to choose each piece of seafood that ends up in his store.  Fish is sold whole or filleted to the customer's requests.  In addition to having top quality whole fish, fillets and shellfish (including a tank of fresh lobsters), they sell their own chowders, bisques and seafood stews plus salads, sandwiches, and some prepared foods ready to heat at home.  They also sell smoked fish and caviar.

What to know:

There's a handy selection of seafood-related grocery items, such as panko, sauces and other items.  If you're not sure what to do with a particular kind of fish, the store and its web site both have recipes -- many are outstanding -- for nearly every type of fish they sell.  Or just ask anyone behind the counter for help.

They're open seven days a week but the hours vary.  Check their website for the current schedule.




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