Florence Meat Market


Florence Meat Market

Greenwich Village
5 Jones St.
between Bleecker/W.4th St.

P: 212.242.6531

A small but superb butcher shop in the heart of Greenwich Village.  It offers superior quality meats and customer service provided by master butchers. Go early and be patient. It's worth the wait.

What's great:

One of NYC's best butcher shops.  Old fashioned in the best sense, this much-loved Village butcher has been in business for decades.  The quality is very high, especially for items like aged prime beef and game.   

What to avoid:

The store is small and can get crowded.  Go early and even then, be prepared to wait.

What to know:

The store is said to have created the cut of beef known as the Newport steak.  It's known for its beef and also the quality of the customer service given to all customers.  Prices are better than at some other fancy butcher shops in the city.  They do not have a website.



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